Division & Age


0-2 years of completed training
3-4 years of completed training across all disciplines
5-7 years of completed training AND taking a minimum of 7 hours of training per week across all disciplines
8 + years of completed training AND taking a minimum of 10 hours of training per week across all disciplines

Age Categories

Age category is determined by calculating the average age of the dancer(s) as of December 31, 2020. All birthdays falling between January 1, 2021 and the competition date shall be disregarded for competition purposes. Age categories shall be combined at the discretion of Dance City Promotions to a maximum of three age groups within a category (i.e., 9 to 11 years, 15 to 17 years, etc.)

If there are more than 12 contestants in a category, the category will be divided equally into Group A, B, C, etc.

20- 29 Years/Teacher *
If the average age of the dancers in the group is 20 years & over and includes teachers/former dancers and/or semi-professional dancers, the routine must be entered in this 20 – 29 year old category. Otherwise, the dancers can choose to enter the adult category.

Adult *
Routine where the majority of the dancers are recreational adult students. Family routines can be entered in this category, e.g., mom and daughter. There are no age restrictions for the adult category.

Determining Division

Calculate the completed years of dance training. In duos and trios use the most experienced dancer’s number of years of training to determine the division. In groups, calculate the average number of years training. Any training received prior to and including five years of age is excluded. Please include this years training when calculating the division. If a dancer has previously achieved a division of a higher standard, you can not go back down a level no matter the hours trained.

  • Solo Example 1 – Jordan is 6 years old and has 3 years of completed training. Jordan is in Division 1 as he does not meet the minimum age requirement or the years training since age 5.
  • Solo Example 2 – Suzzie is 14 years old and has 8 years of completed training starting after the age of 5, dancing 9 hours a week. Suzzie will be in Division 3 as she does not meet the min hours of training per week to be in Division 4
  • Duet Example – Jordan and Suzzie’s average age is 10yrs, they will be entered under Suzzie’s Division, Division 3